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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Margarita Chicken Quesadillas

It is another sunny weekend here in the Pacific! I thought it would be nice to fix up some quesadillas , a fresh fruit salad, and a pitcher of margaritas to celebrate.  Anyone want to join us?
These quesadillas are easy to prepare, but require a little marinating time first.

2-3 chicken breasts
1 c. frozen limeade, thawed OR 1 c. margarita mix
Put the chicken in the limeade and marinate for anywhere from 3 hours to overnight.  Refrigerate while marinating.

When the chicken is done marinating, grill or broil it until done and slice.  While the chicken is grilling:
In a skillet saute in 1 T. oil:
1/2 onion, sliced thin
1 red pepper(or green or yellow or a mix), sliced thin
Then add the chicken to the peppers, with 4 T. more of limeade or margarita mix.  Saute for 5 minutes.

To assemble your quesadilla:
On 1/2 of your flour tortilla place:
grated cheddar or monterey jack or a mix of the two --about 1/4 c. (you will need 1 c. for 4 quesadillas)
1/4 of the grilled chicken
1/4 of the sauteed onion/pepper mixture
fresh cilantro if desired
I put my tortillas 1/2 on, 1/2 off the baking sheet and then assembled them like the picture so I wouldn't have to move them when filled.
Here they are filled and folded over.
Place tortillas on a baking sheet, fold over to cover filling.

Brush with fresh squeezed lime juice and sprinkle with salt.  Bake at 350 for 8 minutes.
 Cut into 1/4's and enjoy!

Now wasn't that easy:)  Now for some dinner and a margarita:)

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