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Monday, June 29, 2015

Vietnamese Shrimp Rolls in Rice Paper

If you have never made spring rolls with rice paper you should definitely give it a try.  For a hot summer day, it requires no stove or grilling.  Here is how you work with rice papers:
To start they look like this:  all hard like plastic

Place the paper into a container of very warm water for about 5-10 seconds. Now it will look like this:

Place on a damp towel.  Put your filling ingredients on the bottom third of the paper:

Roll up by pulling up the bottom to cover the ingredients, fold in the sides and roll up:

Filling ingredients:
cooked shrimp, chicken or tofu
sprigs of cilantro and or mint
cold rice noodles
thinly sliced or spiralized carrot
thinly sliced cabbage and or lettuce leaves
thinly sliced radish
thinly slices or spiralized cucumber

Serve with a nice peanut, sweet and sour or gyoza dipping sauce.

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