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Monday, July 24, 2017

Dairy Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

For those lactose intolerant people, summer without ice cream is a sorrow.  Luckily, more companies are now making lactose free ice cream.  This recipe capitalizes on nondairy Cool Whip topping..with only 3 ingredients it is fast, easy to make up, and delicious for everyone in the family.  I was able to find the chocolate graham crackers at both Walmart and Safeway.  If you can't find them, just substitute regular graham crackers.

Here are the three magic ingredients;
peanut butter
 Cool Whip
Chocolate graham crackers

I haven't added any amounts for the ingredients because it depends how many you want to make.  Just cover one cracker with peanut butter and another with cool whip.

 Put together and freeze in a zip lock freezer bag..  I generally can get 4-5 in a bag.

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