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Friday, August 19, 2016

Crab Cake Louis Salad

Yesterday I posted a recipe for some very delicious crab cakes with lemon aioli.  Now there are a few leftover in the refrigerator, and it is very hot here today.  Too hot to want to cook.  So how about a nice salad with those crab cakes on top?  A meal fit for a queen...or king.  You will notice I have not really listed amounts.  Just add as much as you want to each salad--it can have lots and be a big dinner salad, or just make a smaller one if you are not all that hungry.

1-2 crab cakes (see posted recipe)/salad
romaine lettuce
black olives
1 hard boiled egg/salad
chopped celery
sliced cucumber
thousand island dressing

Put all ingredients in individual serving/salad bowls and serve.

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